Post-master’s degree in civil engineering

Admission requirements

What are the admission requirements for a post-master’s degree at ISBA TP?
All holders of an engineering diploma can follow the cycle leading to the delivery of the ISBA-TP specialized engineering diploma accredited by the CTI.

Note: all students must prove a level of English B2 (or B1 for those enrolled in continuing education) to obtain the ISBA TP specialized engineering diploma.

Applicants with a university level equivalent to BAC+5 (Master 2) follow the same curriculum. They are awarded the ISBA-TP specialization diploma in structural engineering.

It is not essential to have followed an initial training totally oriented towards civil engineering; on the other hand, very good knowledge in mechanics and resistance of materials is essential.

Registration procedure

How to register for a specialization engineering course at ISBA TP?
For students living in the European Union:
The application file must be sent to ISBA-TP, either by email or by post, between the beginning of January and June 30th for the beginning of the academic year in September.

For any questions regarding recruitment, our dedicated service is at your disposal by email:

> Download the ISBA TP application form

For students living outside the European Union:
ISBA-TP has signed an agreement with the Centre d’Etudes en France (CEF), the application form must be filled out online on the CEF website. At the same time, an application form must be sent to ISBA-TP by email to the dedicated address recruitments(@)

> Complete the CEF – Campus France online application form

Selection of applications

How are applications selected?
All applications received are examined according to a grading system that puts forward :

The quality of academic results, particularly in subjects considered fundamental such as RDM, soil mechanics, modeling, reinforced concrete, etc… A knowledge of civil engineering is a plus. However, students with a generalist background can apply for our courses. Mechanical engineering profiles are particularly appreciated.
The quality of professional experience: the nature and duration of internships, but also missions in companies for those who already have professional experience.
Letters of recommendation,
The level in French and English,
The initial diplomas of the students and their academic background (name of the school, quality of teaching, etc…). Applications from students from ISBA TP’s partner schools are given priority.

A score out of 20 points is attributed to each application. Applications with a score higher than 10/20 are considered eligible.

Then, it is up to the student to confirm his or her final registration by paying the school’s registration fee of 1000€ (to be deducted from the total amount of tuition). Selection juries are held regularly. All applicants receive an official letter stating the jury’s decision (eligibility or refusal).

> Download the financial conditions / tuition fees for ISBA courses


The training program entitles students who meet the conditions defined by the CROUS to university grants for higher education and housing.